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U.S. Duty Drawback

MSR's duty drawback team can help you create the audit trail necessary to take advantage of the U.S. duty drawback program.

Duty drawbacks help minimize your costs and improve your margins. In addition to helping ensure your landed costs are reduced through the appropriate drawback mechanism, we also provide strategic counsel on complex compliance issues related to duty drawbacks. That leaves you in a win-win situation.

The Duty Drawback program enables recovery of 99% of Customs duties paid on goods imported over the previous 2-5 years (depending on the nature of the goods). When used in conjunction with other U.S. Duty Recovery opportunities, duty drawback rounds out the optimization of your Customs duty liabilities.

The Duty Drawback Process

For over 30 years our team has been managing the duty drawback process from start-to-finish for companies across the United States. Drawback specialists are committed to making the process as quick and easy for you as possible, requiring little of your time and resources. That means you can focus on keeping business flowing smoothly while we take care of all your duty drawback obligations, including:

  • Analyzing records
  • Reviewing supporting documents
  • Matching products, parts and components with imported/exported goods
  • Creating a Customs-required audit trail as a formal prerequisite to the filing of any claims

We work electronically whenever possible and ensure our reviews are non-intrusive, minimizing disruption to your business day while maximizing the value of your drawback.

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