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International Trade Agreements and Special Trade Programs

MSR Duty Recovery makes origin determination and verification a snap, and can also help with  navigating rules of origin and supplier management.

Identify and take advantage of preferential rates, reduce your annual duty payments and manage your participation in international free trade agreements and special trade programs.

MSR provides a complete range of services, including rules of origin and marking, origin determination, origin verification, and supplier management programs such as:

  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • United States free trade agreements
  • Canadian free trade agreements
  • European Union free trade agreements
  • Traced Value (TV), Manufacture Affidavits (MA) and others

In the U.S. we can also identify additional opportunities under programs such as Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) or other government programs such as Industria Maquiladora Mexicana (IMMEX); Programas Sectoriales (PROSEC); Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group program; European Union European Free Trade Association program in Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland; and Approval-in-Principal (AIP) Arrangement in Hong Kong. Similarly, in Canada we identity end-use and other concessionary provisions.

Taking advantage of preferential rates and reducing duty is a smart business strategy that keeps your business competitive. Getting the most out of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – or other free trade agreements – may require expertise to meet the complex requirements. And finding the resources to manage the obligations for compliance can be a challenge. It can be particularly difficult for companies importing a wide variety of goods or using many unrelated vendors.

We offer a full suite of services to qualify you for preferred duty rates or to help you manage your participation in trade agreements, including:

  • Annual solicitation of your North American suppliers for Certificates of Origin for the products and parts they provide
  • Creation of a supplier database that cross-references products and parts under NAFTA
  • Help to qualify your goods or new products for NAFTA or other preference criterion-based trade agreements to reduce your duties

and find out how to start saving today!

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