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Non-Resident Importers - Canada

MSR Duty Recovery has extensive experience helping non-resident importers clear their shipments as cheaply and efficiently as possible.

Comprehensive and Authoritative NRI Services

There are a number of reasons companies choose to become non-resident importers (NRI). For example, cost control may have driven the closure of your Canadian sales office, or you may not yet see the need for a physical presence, controlling customs and release from a U.S. or foreign office by phone or email.

Whatever your reason, we can help! We have the services you need to cost-effectively set up an NRI program and clear your shipments into Canada with maximum speed and compliance.

In addition to providing you with Canadian customs clearance, we can help you become a non-resident importer and manage your reporting and government obligations, ensuring your compliance. Tailoring a program to meet your objectives, we offer services that include:

  • Obtaining a Canadian Business Number
  • Setting up and registering for customs clearance
  • Ensuring documentation is accurate and compliant
  • Expertise and assistance on developing and managing Canada's Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • GST Return and GST recovery services
  • NAFTA qualification
  • Determining Value, Classification, and special provisions to lower your duty rates
  • Providing guidance on record retention, as well as record retention services
  • Professional compliance, audit, and government representation

and find out how to start saving today!

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"For us, it's as if the border has completely disappeared. MSR Customs set us up as an NRI, and their brokerage group runs it exceptionally well."
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