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Classification Services

MSR can help ensure you use the correct HTS and ECCN classifications, so you can leverage preferential duty rates and avoid costly export violations

Harmonized tariff classification with an audit trail.

Our consultants use best-practice processes and procedures to determine the correct import tariff classification or export control classification, providing an audit trail in support of the decision. They can also assist you in obtaining, or appealing a government ruling.

The correct tariff classification of goods is a key component of compliance in your trade practices. Accurate harmonized tariff codes are part of advance trade data requirements and a key focus for customs authorities when conducting full or targeted compliance audits.

We work with you to analyze the function, form and composition of your products and use appropriate tools and tariff classification procedures to determine the proper tariff classification. You will receive a complete audit trail to support the classification. We can also obtain customs rulings on your behalf.

By relying on our expert team you'll benefit from accurate and compliant classification of your products. This might also provide your company the opportunity to take advantage of preferential duty rates through international free trade agreements.

Export Control Classification

Applying the correct Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is an important part of your trade compliance practices. Whether you need help with ECCN, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or Schedule B, we can help.

Our experts analyze your products, services and technology according to their characteristics and end-use and apply appropriate classification procedures to determine the proper ECCN tariff classification. You will also receive a complete audit trail to support the classification decision.

In cases where you are not sure whether your product or service is subject to an export licensing authority, we can help you with requests for commodity jurisdiction determination.

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