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Industries Served

MSR Duty Recovery can help, no matter your industry,  from furniture to electronics, textiles to home hardware, cars to medical devices, and more.

MSR Customs' expertise crosses industry lines. We've worked in your industry for over 30 years.

We understand the only industry that really matters to you is your industry. And the only Customs and Compliance opportunities and challenges you are interested in are the ones that affect you.

Your industry matters to us, too. We don't limit ourselves to a single niche sector; our team possesses collective expertise in all industries. This breadth of experience and cross-knowledge allows us to think outside the box in the ways we look at products and recovery opportunities. That's how we find money that others miss. That's how we find opportunities in areas you may not have considered.

Our duty recovery clients include large manufacturers of goods such as HVAC supplies and auto parts, Big Box stores specializing in home hardware, office supplies and other commercial items, industrial supply chains, and industrial retailers and distributers of everything from furniture to medical supplies to electronics. We're in every sector — helping our clients reap the benefits of duty recovery and lowering their costs going forward.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose MSR Duty Recovery
Myths Dispelled
"I would highly recommend working with MSR and have them look at your imported products to ensure you are using the most advantageous and compliant tariff codes. Though skeptical at first, it has proven to be a very worthwhile and profitable experience for us. There truly is nothing to lose."
Frank, VP Finance
- Logistics & Transportation
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