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Protecting Your Time Limits — Canada

Have MSR Duty Recovery help you today in order to prevent money being lost forever due to duty recovery and duty drawback time limits.

Claiming import duty refunds within the timeframe set by the government is vitally important. Canadian re-classification claims may recover overpayments up to 4 years retroactively — leading to a significantly higher refund! But once past this time limit, it is no longer possible to recover this money. Many organizations lose out on opportunities to claim hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

The length of the duty recovery process is variable — in some cases, only a few weeks, but in more intricate cases could take longer. Postponing the recovery process by months or even just a few weeks could be an expensive mistake.

Our efficient procedures help make sure your refunds aren't lost to missed deadlines. With our specialized knowledge bases, systems and practices we effectively target, identify, and claim near-term transactions. This way, both the value and the scope of your recoveries are increased.

and find out how to start saving today!

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