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Duty Refunds (Canada)

You might be owed a hefty duty refund by the Canadian government. Even if you've recently undergone a duty recovery audit, we could still find you money.

Drawing on over 30 years of proven results through our non-intrusive processes, our experts focus on recovering all of your refund opportunities. That's because the opportunities we seek include many that are complex and not widely known. They are the result of decades of experience in the areas of:

  • Tariff classification
  • End-use
  • Valuation
  • Tariff treatment

Our seasoned customs consultants do the work from analysis to research, rulings, permissions, documentation, claims and appeals. We target your areas of overpayment, and ensure you reap the relevant program benefits, efficiently navigating government processes and effectively managing the duty recovery process from start to finish, applying proprietary technologies that target each and every instance to maximize recoveries.

A Risk-Free, No-Cost Customs Duty Recovery Solution

With years of experience successfully performing duty recoveries, we're comfortable assuming the risks.

Indeed, our methodologies and fee structure are designed to free you up from re-allocating your time or your resources. There's no need to work up budgets for out of pocket commitments, hourly or project-based costs, or customs consulting and retainer fees.

We are only paid when we recover your money, and only a percentage at that. So your risk is eliminated while we recover money you didn't know you’d lost. It really is that simple.

and find out how to start saving today!

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"MSR identified a new and unique way of classifying HS codes for several of our imports with full approval from the Canada Customs. Without their insight and expertise, these duty recovery dollars would have gone unrecovered."
Andrew, President
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