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MSR Duty Recovery Audits are Self-Driven

About MSR Duty Recovery – 30 years of helping clients recover customs duties, navigate trade laws, and ensure supply chain security.

For very little of your time, MSR's self-driven audit process can provide you with retroactive refunds and reduced duty rates going forward. The entire process consists of only 5 simple steps, but really only 1 step requires you (Step #1)

Step #1: Sign Agreement

Upon qualification that your company can benefit from a Duty recovery exercise, the only step to get going is to review & sign our simple 1 page contingency-based agreement. In as little as 20 minutes, we're ready to begin!

Step #2: MSR Starts the Ball Rolling

MSR begins the audit process by applying for your import activity report from Customs. This report is used as a backbone/benchmark of your reported customs submissions, regardless of the number of brokers you use.

Step #3: Client Audit Kickoff

Once we receive your import activity report (Step # 2), we'll simply reconfirm where we can access your import entries (onsite or with a broker) and the applicable source documents, FTA's, rulings, any existing refunds, etc.

Step #4: MSR In-depth Analysis Work Begins

Once the audit kickoff is done, MSR starts the in-depth work required to execute your audit. Our first step is to gather the detailed needs on your import entries. If everything is accessible online — great; if your entries are paper-based, we'll take care of pulling/copying records needed so as to not burden you with extra work. The next step involves a targeted analysis of the information, explore all available Customs refund avenues and prepare your rulings, refunds and submissions as required

Step #5: Client Receives Refunds!

As customs processes the refund claims we've submitted, you will start receiving money back on past paid import duties.

MSR helps you continue saving money ... long after the import duty audit is complete!

As part of our Duty Recovery Audit, we'll help you apply the knowledge gained from our refund process to your future imports (e.g. a classification change), so that you can enjoy duty savings on same/similar imported commodities going forward!

and find out how to start saving today!

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