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Duty Recovery Myths Dispelled

About MSR Duty Recovery – 30 years of helping clients recover customs duties, navigate trade laws, and ensure supply chain security.

Myth #1

"Bringing someone in here to go through our records will be too disruptive to our business. We haven't got the time or manpower to just stop everything and focus on this."


We mainly work electronically and require virtually none of your valuable time and resources. You do not need to allocate members of your staff to assist us, and we will never get in the way of your regular operations. Our discretion and our non-intrusive processes allow you to keep business running without interruption.

Myth #2

"Our company doesn't have the budget for duty recovery services. It's too expensive and if they don't find anything, we've spent all that money for nothing."


You don't pay a cent unless we recover money (and even then, it's only a percentage). There are no hourly-based or consulting fees, or any surprise charges. Working with MSR is a no-risk proposition.

Myth #3

"We used a duty recovery service last year. There’s nothing left to find."


We have a proven track record for finding money that has previously gone undiscovered. We identify complex opportunities that other auditors miss. Why not recover every dollar you're entitled to?

Myth #4

"Our industry is unique. We need a duty recovery service that only works with companies in our sector. Otherwise, they just won't understand what to look for."


The professional diversity of our consulting team spans all industries. This is a significant advantage to our clients. With knowledge that crosses industry lines, we're able to think outside the box when analyzing products and looking for recovery opportunities. That's how we uncover what other people miss.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose MSR Duty Recovery
Myths Dispelled
"Our broker and previous auditor didn't think there was an opportunity. It turned out there was a lot of money to be had."
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