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Financial Recovery

About MSR Duty Recovery – 30 years of helping clients recover customs duties, navigate trade laws, and ensure supply chain security.

Top 5 Ways We Help You Save

  1. A no-cost way to recover your money

    Working with us means you don't have to budget for hourly or project-based costs, or customs consulting and retainer fees. We're paid a percentage when we recover your money. It's a no-risk arrangement.

  2. We identify opportunities that are significantly more complex.

    Every year we recover millions of dollars for companies like yours, even when recoveries have already been undertaken by other auditors. If there's more money to be found, we will find it.

  3. We have the necessary expertise and resources.

    Most companies don't have the time or the expertise to review their trade transactions to determine potential recovery of duties and taxes. Our team of consultants, accountants, auditors, and lawyers has the experience to identify the opportunities, move quickly to protect your time limits, and create feedback loops to capture the savings — permanently.

  4. We help ensure you're paying the right amount of duty.

    Our team identifies refund opportunities in the areas of tariff classification, free trade agreements, valuation, remissions and special programs. We do this by analyzing your customs-related documents and applying our expertise and technologies to make sure every opportunity is pursued.

  5. We work discreetly and without disruption to your business.

    Our reputation for discretion is second to none. Confidential reports of our findings are always delivered directly to you. Our procedures require virtually none of your resources or staff time, so that your business may continue to flow smoothly.

and find out how to start saving today!

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